Privet from Moscow

I have arrived safely in Moscow and am getting settled.  In true Heather fashion, I unpacked immediately.  It feels great that all my clothes have a home.  In New York, the movers told me they would not ship my gallon of teriyaki sauce or my Frank’s hot sauce, both of which I consider necessities.  I squeezed them into my suitcase and thankfully both arrived safely as well.  I brought two suitcases worth of things, and the rest of my belongings should arrive right around New Years.

For those of you planning your visits to see me (HINT, HINT), I would highly recommend Aeroflot over Delta.  You get your own tv and you can watch movies on demand, plus it was probably the best kosher airline food I have ever had.  Shocking!  My flight was interesting because of my seat mate.  He bought a bottle of Jack Daniel’s at Duty Free and kept on taking swigs of it during the flight.  If that wasn’t enough, the plane was very hot, and he took off his shirt for awhile.  It was gross and smelly!

My arrival coincided with a cold front in Moscow, but since I grew up in Chicago, it is not that bad.  To give you a sense, the high today is 14 degrees Fahrenheit and the low is 9.  I have good winter gear to keep me warm. I am sitting inside my toasty apartment watching flurries, and it is very pretty from this perspective. There are about four inches of snow on the ground and it is supposed to snow all weekend.

Last night, Michael and I went out for a sushi dinner.  It is no Yama, but was very good. The quality of the fish is great, but something tastes different about their seaweed.  No complaints from me! I am happy to have a decent sushi restaurant in walking distance.  It seems that there are sushi restaurants on every block.  In the style of kosher restaurants many are sushi/Italian restaurants.  However, when you walk in you choose sushi or Italian, you can’t order both.

Following dinner we went to a mini grocery store to stock up on essentials.  I was psyched that they have my favorite yogurt, which is also sold in Israel.  It is plain yogurt on one side and on the other are chocolate covered krispies and you mix them together.  Similar to Yo Crunch in the States, but the yogurt and the mix ins are so much better. Other essentials are bread, cheese, mandarin oranges and potato sticks.

Western Christmas (December 25th) is not a national holiday in Russia; they celebrate Russian Orthodox Christmas 13 days later.  New Years is the big holiday with the tree and exchange of gifts.  Therefore, everything is open this weekend.  I am going to spend the next few days getting settled and exploring the neighborhood.

I am excited to finally be here with Michael.

From Russia with Love, Heather

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5 Responses to Privet from Moscow

  1. Adina says:

    I love that you wrote about food – this is why we are friends. Potato sticks always remind me of Passover… I don’t think I have ever eaten them during the regular year – I hope you enjoy!!!

  2. julia says:

    what a hilarious plane experience. you should have asked for a swig. i’m very entertained by your flight and the fact that you had Sushi immediately upon arrival big surprise! It’s going to snow in Georgia this weekend too. Hurry up and get that bberry!

  3. Donna says:

    I’m so happy that you have found things from “home” to make you feel at home in your new home! HOMEY!!!

  4. Malky says:

    As entertaining as the flight might have been, it sounds like things are going smoothly. So happy for you! Happy settling in….

  5. christine says:

    Glad you made it safely.
    No idea if we’ll be able to visit but if I do I’ll try to sneak you more hot sauce!

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