Happy Birthday America!

Happy American Independence Day from Moscow!  This weekend I attended a Fourth of July picnic co-sponsored by the American Women’s Organization, which I am involved in, and the Moscow Softball League. It was fun to see the path to get to the picnic lined with red, white and blue balloons.  All the softball teams brought food.  The best treat was brought by the American Embassy team of goodies purchased in their commissary.  They brought Oreo’s and Chips Ahoy cookies.  I probably wouldn’t have eaten so many in the States, but having them as a special treat in Russia, I may have had a few more than is considered healthy.  I need to figure out how to get an invite to purchase food there!

Michael’s firm fields a softball team.  Sadly, they often forfeit because they are short players.  Therefore, Michael and I were recruited to play.  I have zero sports talent! I stood in center field and thankfully didn’t have to do much.  The ball didn’t come in my direction too often.  Michael looked a little more athletic playing second base.  We were playing the American Embassy team and they were really good.  It seemed like they recruited staff based on their ability to play softball. The US Ambassador was the pitcher, and he was really good.  I asked him to come as close to me as possible and throw the ball as if I were a child.  The good news is that I did make contact with the ball and hit it.  The bad news is that I was out at first base.  I think the final score was 40-0. The other team would have scored even more, but there is a rule that you can only score 5 runs in an inning.

All in all it was a fun day with Moscow friends.

From Russia with Love,
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