Speedo Season

Michael and I went bathing suit shopping for him in preparation for our beach vacation to Croatia. Well, we will get a few days on the beach, in addition to taking an island cruise and a day trip to Albania. We went to a mall that has a huge sports store, similar to Sports Authority. Michael asked one of the sales people where the bathing suits were and the guy brought us to this huge aisle of Speedos, as in the mini Speedo bathing suits. Russians of every age and size wear Speedos, even when it is not appropriate at all. I am not sure why he assumed that is what Michael was in the market for. Michael then asked if he had any other bathing suits and he brought us to another aisle that had Speedo trunks, maybe they were 1 cm longer than the briefs. They were also super mini. At this point, I completely lost it in laughter. Michael asked the salesman again if he had any other bathing suits and the reply was, “nyet.” The man leaves and we walk down an aisle and see a huge section of normal bathing suits. It turns out that the Russian word for what we would describe for a normal bathing suit is the same word as shorts. Lesson learned – be sure to know what you are asking for or you may not get what you expect.

While we were in the sports store we also picked up badminton rackets and birdies. Between the crazy thunderstorms this afternoon, we took advantage of the short break when there was sun and played in the park outside of our apartment. Be on the look out for Team Heather and Michael in the next badminton tournament!

From Russia with Love,


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