Photos and Video of Service Projects in Khabarovsk

As promised, I am including the photos and videos from my previous posts.  Be sure to read the posts about my trip to Khabarovsk, if you missed them.

Here is a video of the woman who told us her story about surviving the Nazis and then sang a song about life in the camps in Yiddish.  If anyone knows Yiddish, I would love to know what this song means or the origin of it:

Here are some images from our visit with clients that Hesed helps. It includes the bedridden women; the 90+ year old man and his passport that lists his nationality as Jewish; and the family who lives in terrible conditions with pictures of some members of the family and the inside and outside of their home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some before and after photos of the cemetery clean-up:

Before we went to work!



After our hard work

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