Typical Moscow Weekend

Many of my recent blog posts have focused on traveling that Michael and I have been doing outside of Moscow. As a change, I decided to focus on our weekend in Moscow.

On Saturday night we went to see the Sound of Music in Russian. It is playing for a few weeks in a Broadway style production. At this point, my Russian is ok, but not good enough to understand a play in Russian. Luckily, the story and songs were exactly the same so even though there was a lot of dialogue, I understood what was happening. I was very impressed by the quality of the singing and the dancing, as well as the high-tech sets.

Following that we tried to go for dinner. One of the first things I learned in Moscow is that service in restaurants is not quite on the level that we have in the States. It is very common for one person to receive their food before someone else, not by a few minutes, but by 20. It is also not uncommon to receive an appetizer after your main course. Well, on Saturday night, our food never arrived. After about 40 minutes of waiting, Michael managed to flag down the manager. She brought us a free round of drinks as an apology. After waiting for over an hour, until midnight, we decided to leave and fend for ourselves at home.

Sunday afternoon, we had much better luck with food. Michael and I headed to the sukkah at one of the synagogues to enjoy a nice kosher meal. I should mention, that it may not have been the smartest idea to eat outside since it was 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The sukkah had heaters, but the one closest to us wasn’t working. We ate with our hats on. I even had borscht, which I usually don’t eat, to stay warm. It was pretty remarkable to be eating in a sukkah at a synagogue restaurant in the middle of Moscow. Here are a few pictures:

After we went to see a performance of the Voca People. I never heard of them before, but read an article in the entertainment section of the paper and it seemed interesting. They are an Israeli a cappella group that dress in white with their lips painted in red to look like aliens. One of the performers made noises like a beat box and another scratching noises like a DJ. They performed popular songs that almost everyone in the audience knew. They were amazing, had incredible energy, good song choices and really engaged the audience. The whole story was told with great acting and with very few words so everyone was able to understand. If they are ever playing in your city, I would highly recommend you go see them. Here is a video so you can get a sense of their performance: 

Sunday night was our usual routine. We ordered Indian food and watched live football! The time difference works that allows us to watch one of the early games. We subscribe to an NFL package so we can see all the games either live or the next day on demand. I had a tough time deciding who to root for in the Giants-Bills game. Luckily, they only play every few years so I rarely have to make that decision. I decided to root for the Giants so were happy to see them win! Next week, Michael and I will be in London to see the yearly NFL game played there!

I don’t feel that I can write a blog entry on the day that Gilad Shalit is released and not say anything about it. Over the years, I have had the privilege to meet with his father Noam Shalit who always urged us, the international Jewish community, to do everything in our power to bring his son home. The anguish in his face was palpable and he did not know for over five years what state his son was in and if he would ever see him again. It is with great relief to see the images of Gilad arriving in Israel today. The Rabbinical Assembly wrote a prayer of thanks to be recited upon Gilad’s release:  http://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/story/release-gilad-shalit-prayer-thanks?tp=205

From Russia with Love,


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