Scones and the NFL

The first sign I knew I was not in Russia anymore was when the passport control officer smiled and me and chatted me up. The second sign I knew I was not in Russia anymore was when someone accidentally bumped into me and said, “excuse me.” I was in London!! What a change it was from Moscow!

Michael surprised me with tickets to London to see the yearly NFL game there. We are both big football fans and going to a game live beats watching it on our laptop screen. We made a fun weekend out of it and the theme of the weekend was food. I was in London my senior year of high school, and I can say London is not known for their food. However, we had Moscow friends recommend us good restaurants and we added in lots of sweets.

Our London adventures started at a British Pub with a traditional meal of fish and chips. I am a picky eater and it was my first time trying fish and chips. I would give it 3 stars out of 5. The chips were delicious though. We walked to Harrods and attempted to walk off some of our lunch before afternoon tea. Harrods was decorated for Halloween and Christmas (already!). It was hard to resist all the chocolates and gift baskets, but the insanely expensive price tag on the items made it easier.

Afternoon tea in London is an event! We found a Halloween-themed tea and it did not disappoint. We chose our tea and were brought a platter of mini sandwiches. Although they were good, I did not want to fill up on them because I was excited for all the desserts that were coming. The dessert course was brought to us on a 3-tiered tray. The bottom tier had warm chocolate chip scones. On the side we were served a chocolate spread for them. Life is not complete until you have tried chocolate scones. I did not think I would be a fan, but walked into bakeries the next two days trying to find them again. The middle tier had Halloween cupcakes with either caramel or orange filling. I think they looked prettier than they tasted. I prefer chocolate cupcakes. The top tier was actually a chocolate plate that was edible and on top of that were ghost-shaped cookies, a chocolate witch’s hat and other confections. Afternoon tea was certainly a culinary success. Following lunch we did a little sight seeing and saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Parliament.

That evening we saw one of the best plays I have ever seen. It was the London production of Driving Miss Daisy with James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave. They were both amazing in the show. If any of you will be in London in the next few months, I urge you to see this show. The show was followed by a Chinese food dinner. I was served a whole sea bass and ate every bite!

On Sunday, we had some time before the football game and went to the National Gallery. Since our time was very limited, we hit all the masters including Van Gogh, Michelangelo and Raphael (2 of the 4 ninja turtles).

It was finally time for the game! It was a Super Bowl-like atmosphere. There were people wearing jerseys from almost every team. The majority of the crowd was British, but there were lots of Americans. The Goo Goo Dolls opened up before the game and played their most famous song, Iris. Even though I was never allowed to root for the Chicago Bears growing up in Chicago (we were strictly a Buffalo Bills household), I decided they were closer to my hometown team than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It turned into a good game and the Bears won!! The British don’t quite have the concept of game food down, yet. There were more choices of wine and champagne than beer. There was decent munchie food, but not the plethora of choices that you usually have at games in the States!

You can imagine how exhausted I was after the weekend. I was sick for about a week, but am finally in good health just in time for our next trip to Berlin on Thursday!

The photo gallery below has some photo highlights of the weekend!

From Russia with Love,


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One Response to Scones and the NFL

  1. Meems Ellenberg says:

    How much fun you are having! It seems as if you are never in Russia, but constantly jetting about Yerp….Benjamin & I are going to be in Belgium over Thanksgiving and are thinking about taking the train to London for a day. Will check with you for recommendations.

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