A Palatial Brunch

Michael and I are fortunate to do lots of traveling, but overall we are pretty frugal. We stay in cheaper end hotels and rarely do extravagant activities. However, Sunday in Moscow was an exception. Many of my friends have raved about brunch at a restaurant named Turandot Palace. It was built by an oligarch who wanted to build the fanciest restaurant in the world. The estimates are that it cost between $50-$75 million to build. The marble floor in the entry was imported from Italy. The restaurant looks like you are in a European palace with spectacular chandeliers and lots of gold plating.

Sadly, our friends Rose and David are leaving Moscow soon. Brunch at this restaurant was also on their Moscow bucket list. Sunday was a gloomy day so we decided it would be a perfect day for brunch. The brunch starts at 1:00 pm and we were there on the dot. As soon as we were seated we were given water, which is a hot commodity in Russia because you can’t drink tap water so have to pay for it everywhere you go. Our glasses were then filled, and continually filled throughout the day, with champagne!

The room where the brunch buffet is set up is on a terrace that overlooks the main entrance to the restaurant. It feels like a room in a summer palace. The choices of food was overwhelming. We all started with a salad course that had items ranging from seaweed salad, lots of shellfish that I didn’t eat, smoked salmon and lots of veggies. The rest of the buffet included a sushi station with a chef making sushi rolls and the best sashimi I have had in Russia. There were also 20 hot options, a carving station that had a huge fish instead of meat and a kid’s station with cute food and fries! I decided not to waste space in my stomach on fries, even though they looked so good. After making three rounds of sushi and hot food we switched to red wine and moved on to the cheese course. We were smart and spread this experience out over hours, so I was not feeling sick at all. We then moved on to cognac and dessert. My favorite was a chocolate pyramid cake. The presentation of everything was amazing.

I am happy to report that we were the last table to leave brunch. It officially ended at 5:00 pm, so we stocked our plates with dessert in advance. We were there until almost 6:00 and watched the dinner crowd start to arrive. An amazing experience in Moscow and definitely worth checking out!

Check out some pictures courtesy of R & D.

From Russia with Love,


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2 Responses to A Palatial Brunch

  1. Katy DesChenes says:

    I heard a little bit about this brunch before, but now after reading your post, know it is something we must do while we are here. The photos are great.

  2. Julia Levy says:

    did you put any desserts in your purse?

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