Happy Thanksgiving!

Living abroad makes you deeply appreciative of the United States. In spite of America’s shortcomings, we are a nation deeply embedded in the ideals of liberty, charity, and community. It is great to be part of a country where people lobby to make changes to the government and have an opportunity for their voice to be heard. Many citizens of the world do not have that civic ability. Although we may have policy disagreements, I am grateful that I am a citizen of a country that does so much good at home and around the world.

I am thankful for my friends and all of my loyal blog readers. I have made incredible new friends over the past year and have shared my Russia journey with them. I am also so lucky to have kept in touch with my friends from the States and thanks to Skype and email the distance doesn’t seem as far.

I am grateful to have such a close family, and am blessed with a healthy, gorgeous nephew this year. I am spending Thanksgiving with him and it is a real treat. Being an aunt is awesome! You can see some picture of beautiful Ethan William below.

Lastly, without sounding too sappy, I am thankful for Michael. I am so appreciative of the opportunities his job affords us to travel and see the world. He is amazingly supportive of me when I am having my “I love Moscow days” and the occasional “I don’t love Moscow days.” He always knows how to make me laugh and cheer me up. I am excited to continue our journey together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From San Diego with Love,


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