Mexican Dining in Moscow = Fail

My friend Liz and I recently went to the newest Mexican restaurant in Moscow. We went for appetizers and margaritas before trying a new kosher restaurant next door. The strawberry margarita tasted like it came from a mix and the nachos we shared left a lot to be desired. Our server did instruct us on how to eat nachos by making a pulling motion.

Even though my first experience wasn’t great, Michael and our friend Chris wanted to try it and talked me in to giving the restaurant a second chance. We decided to start out our order with a “pitcher” of the plain margarita. Instead of receiving anything close to a pitcher, we received a large glass with three straws. Thank goodness I have come far from my germ-a-phobe days, because I was able to share it. It was very weird to be sharing from a large glass though. The classic margarita was at least a success when it came to taste!

The second challenge of the restaurant came after we were seated in the non-smoking section. A gentleman at the table next to us lit up a cigarette. Many restaurants in Russia have a smoking and non-smoking section that are divided by nothing more than an invisible line, and only two or three tables are designated non-smoking. However, this restaurant has a huge space and had a separate room for smoking and non-smoking. Therefore, when the man started smoking, Michael said something to our waiter. Instead of an appropriate response that he will ask the man to stop smoking, the waiter responds by telling us to switch tables. That wasn’t going to happen and there was a small verbal altercation with the man behind us. He didn’t see why he had to stop smoking. In the end, he did and was angry about it. However, we were happy to have our non-smoking section back.

Lastly, the restaurant did not have a vegetarian menu. Therefore, I ordered chicken fajitas without chicken (and of course onions, because I hate them so much), but asked them to add in mushrooms instead. They were able to make the substitution, but charged me additional money for adding the mushrooms. I have never been in a country where mushrooms are so abundant. Regardless, aren’t mushrooms cheaper than chicken? I wasn’t getting fancy truffle mushrooms, I was getting whatever cheap mushrooms they had in house.

The food this time was equally as unimpressive as my first visit. But we did drink one “pitcher” of margaritas too many! All in all, this was a failure dining experience. Let’s hope the next new restaurant I try is better.

From Russia with Love,


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One Response to Mexican Dining in Moscow = Fail

  1. Virginia Plasz says:

    I once had Mexican food in Scotland. It was a bad, bad choice, though possibly better than what you had in Russia. I was traveling with my family at the time and it was so bad that it’s become something of a running joke. I came to the conclusion that one should not attempt to eat Mexican food outside of the Western Hemisphere. I apologize for not sharing this anecdote with you before your decampment to Russia, I might have saved you some suffering 😉

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