It’s Cold in Moscow!!

Michael and I are settling back into life in Moscow following all of our wedding festivities and the opportunities we had to see many friends and family in the States. I would like to quote to describe Moscow at the moment as “bitterly cold.” The high today is 10°F and tonight it is supposed to get down to -9°F, which will feel like -23°F. Let me tell you that no matter how many layers you wear, it still feels cold. The weather forecast for the next ten days is just as cold, if not colder.

Despite the weather we have been managing to stay busy and continue our Moscow adventures. The Bolshoi Theatre is one of the oldest and most renowned ballet and opera companies in the world. The building just underwent a 6-year renovation project and finally re-opened in October. One of the more interesting items to be renovated was outside, on the top of the facade, the double-headed eagle of the original Russian coat of arms was installed in the place where the Soviet hammer and sickle had been mounted for decades. As you can imagine, tickets are extremely hard to get for the Bolshoi. Michael happened to be on the website and saw second row seats for Sleeping Beauty that night. The performance was excellent. The sets, costumes, music, performers, and everything about the theatre were absolutely beautiful and artistic.

Last year, Michael and I went to an ice sculpture festival. They are very popular in Russia, and almost every city has their own festival. There are many happening throughout Moscow. This year, we went to one called the Ice Museum. It was designed like a castle with rooms inside and dragons outside. Every ice festival needs an igloo and some animals so those were also there too. My favorite part was the ice bed that had real pillows on it.

I do not why the Russians are so fascinated with cat exhibits, but they are all over this city. Most exhibition centers or large parks, such as the one where we went to the Ice Museum, have cat exhibits. I am not a huge cat fan, but curiosity got to me and Michael finally talked me into seeing one. My advice – skip it! I do not know if the one we went to is similar to other exhibits, but it was a large room that smelled terrible with cats in cages. I think pet stores in America provide more entertainment On each cage is a paragraph describing the cat. The most exciting part of the exhibit was the hairless cat!

Lastly, Michael and I went on a date night to a fairly new restaurant in Moscow. Rarely do restaurants blow me away here. I usually leave thinking the food was mediocre at best, and although I love food, I would not describe myself as a food snob. However, this restaurant was amazing. It is located in the the top floor of a building and provides a 360 degree panorama view of the most popular sites in Moscow including Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kremlin. The tastiest thing I ate was blue fin tuna tar tar with avocados and a sesame soy dressing- yum!

Enjoy some pictures below from all of our winter activities! I hope you are staying warm.

From Russia with Love,


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3 Responses to It’s Cold in Moscow!!

  1. caroline says:

    “Curiosity got to me….” Yes, well, you know what they say about curiosity!

  2. Julia Levy says:

    ice igloo looks super duper cool.

  3. Katy DesChenes says:

    I love the photos, Heather! Where is the ice sculpture exhibit? Craig and I would like to go. You and Michael certainly do interesting things in Moscow. Thanks for the posts.

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