Autumnal Activities in Moscow

Our time in Moscow is winding down and we have been trying to take full advantage of everything the city has to offer. Fall lasts a brief few weeks and varies between days of rain, and a few hours of sun. Fortunately, we found brief dry periods to enjoy some outdoor activities, and found a good indoor activity for a rainy day.

The Circle of Light Festival came to Moscow earlier this month. Throughout the city projection and light shows were displayed on buildings. We attended the show on Red Square. In the middle of Red Square there was a large inflatable globe in which a light projection show was displayed. It was set to music and displayed an awesome show. The juxtaposition of this very modern light show with the 15th Century St. Basil’s Cathedral and the walls of the Kremlin in the background provided great picture opportunities.

Last year, we went to one of the permanent circuses in town. This year we attended the other one, The Great Moscow Circus. It was incredible! The circus has only one ring, versus the three ring circuses in the US. However, the main ring contains interchangeable platforms. The circus started with the typical animals and clowns on a normal platform, then it turned into an ice rink, followed by a water show complete with fountains. The animals of the circus include your typical lion and cats, however, there was also a kangaroo in a tutu, sea lion, and polar bears! Yes, polar bears!! They were my favorite because much of what they did was roll around on the ice and go down a slide. They seemed pretty happy to be performing. On the other hand, the kangaroo’s act involved fighting with one of the performers including throwing him down. It was a little over the top for my taste. It ended with a full water show including mermaids, underwater lighting, and aerial performers! I was hoping for good circus food, but the popcorn was a little stale and the ponchiki (similar to a mini doughnut) weren’t worth the calories.

We also found a night to eat in the sukkah, a temporary hut built for the Jewish holiday Sukkot. We went to a different one than last year. This restaurant is on the top floor of a synagogue that during the nice weather has an outdoor terrace. They built the sukkah on the terrace, so there was even a waterfall inside. I was pretty happy to fill up on lots of meat.

Enjoy the pictures below!

From Russia with Love,


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2 Responses to Autumnal Activities in Moscow

  1. Meems says:

    My favorite Useless Bit of Information (UBI) about polar bears is that their livers have such a high concentration of vitamin A that one bite will kill a human being. Not that that has anything to do with their performances in the circus…..

  2. cakemonkeys says:

    Sounds so great! Too bad there were no pumpkins! I love hearing you compare your two worlds! Sea lion huh? You sure not a seal?

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